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Frequently Asked Questions

Are we the right partners?

This section aims to gauge and harmonize each other's expectation of working together.

Are you capable of building something like Twitter, Grab, or Lazada?

For the technology alone - all is possible with the right amount of time and money. Today's landscape commoditizes technology; and information accessible. Tools such as open-source libraries, API services, cloud-based servers, etc. makes it easier than ever to develop technology.

We want a simple website / a simple app. Can you do this?

Business analysts, software engineers, UI/UX designers etc. strive to make digital products seem simple and intuitive. What you might think is simple might be much more complicated when considering the product roadmap and scalability. Quality takes time. We take a serious, detailed, future-proof approach in our work. If you want something just to "get things through", we might not be the right team for it.

What's the price range of working with you?

We charge fairly cheap, we enforce a minimum level of engagement of ₱550K (VAT Inclusive) for bespoke web apps / mobile apps / integrated systems. Other than that, we charge by the scope of work.

How long is your typical project timeline?

Depends on the scope of work, but it usually ranges from 3 months to a year.

Why does it take that long to build?

We understand that every business has their own unique process. We take time to study your business, diagnose the problem, then prescribe solutions. Your software will be built from the ground up, customized to your specific needs, be scalable, and flexible enough for future expansion, and all that takes time. Quality takes time.

Do you have enough experience to be experts in our industry?

We are not experts in the industry you belong to. You are the expert in your industry (whether it be agriculture, real-estate, food, etc) while we are good at building technology. It's a two-way street in building the technology you need, a collaboration between our team and yours. Our approach and process helps to transfer your organizational and industry knowledge to us so we can analyze and translate it into digital products that your company needs.

Let's work together, when can we start?

Great! We'd love to have you on-board immediately. By the way, we only accept limited projects per year. Get in touch with us.

Why limited?

Great output requires a lot of time, dedication, and focus. We can only do this to a few projects at a time. We do not want to spread ourselves thin for our clients. We value quality.